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Youth public association "Altera!"
was found at August, 05, 2001,
was registered by municipal officials at April, 12, 2002,
reg. number 05/0315.

Dear friends! Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys'n-girls!

We are awaiting YOU, your calls, letters, messages, SMSes, parcels, money transfers :) etc at the contact points listed below.

Please don't be afraid to contact us at any matter — small or big, when you need help or when you want to help others, day or night, wherever you are in this crazy world!

If you want to support our charity projects — that is great! Mail us, call us, kick us — we'll be happy to provide additional information you need and to assure you in our moral values.

Note that typically volunteer's activities mean fundraising as necessary part, so please be kind and generous with our boys and girls when they ask you for a donation. God bless you!

If you are interested in visiting of our nice country — Belarus — or if you are looking for international youth exchanges — contact us as well. You are always welcome!

Phone/Fax: (+37517) 290-66-04,

also our english-speaking team leaders are available at (+37529) 766-96-11
and (+37529) 564-74-09.

E-mail: contact[at]altera.by
Web: www.altera.by

Our bank entries are available upon request.

# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 Мурашко Председатель +375 29 274 41 52
2 Дмитрий Новиков Заместитель председателя. +375295097451
Русский (Russian Federation)English (United Kingdom)