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Saturday, 23 January 2010 01:24
Altruism and world peace — that's our ideals

Do you remember how it all started? Or have you ever heard? Nope?!

Our charity projects — good opportunity for volunteers

Youth public association "Altera" was created on August, 5, 2001 by the group of young people which liked active life style and were crazy about social assistance. And our organization was officially registered by municipal officals on April, 2, 2002 (it wasn't an easy, BTW...).

While expecting registration we were gathering together for creation of future strategy and plans. Thus, in September, 2001 under the motto "People Help People" the group of our volunteers assisted to local hospitals and orphanages. Later on, in the autumn our students helped to clean fallen foliage, among the winter they were removing ice and snow at hospital yards, washing walls inside and doing a lot of other social work. The same year in December our first big project "New Year holidays for handicapped children" began. It became traditional, and now each year this activity gathers the biggest number of volunteers.

'Earth Day' celebration

In April, 2002 on "Earth Day" meeting, which was organized in cooperation with the "Center of children's creativity", our organization presented its foundation. During the holiday students, handicapped and orphaned children, also Belarusian pioneers planted a huge enough number of trees. Now each of them can boast of his or her own tree in Minsk, that's cool!

New Year Greetings: charity project for handicapped children

After that event we were really busy preparing our first Summer Volunteer Camp which was demanded (as well as all other NGO projects) considerable forces and means. A number of charity events occured only once or two, the rest has been continued till today. Thus, cological projects, programs for old people and orphans received unexpected further development, and now more and more young people and students come to participate in it. Doing together good deeds is the best way to find friends, you know.

Well, a lot of time has passed since the beginning... The ideas which were impossible to realize at that time are accomplished now: debate club for students, a course of lectures on psychology, an International Charity Marathon "Ideal World Without Conflicts" and many-many other things... So, what kind of projects will we organize next, depends on you, our dear friends! There are so many plans for future, so many fresh ideas. People who are courageous and initiative, kind and decent, but the most important — who are not indifferent are necessary, badly.

Volunteer jobs for youth and students in Belarus

"Altera"" invites all people — young and mature, under- and post-graduated, old volunteers and freshers — to take part in our projects. You're welcome! Your ideas could be realized here, indeed! Your support is valuable for us! And moreover — your help is really needed! You are WANTED!!!

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