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Friday, 22 January 2010 23:13

Altruism in action!

We recognize that moral laws of our society and physical laws of the nature take its beginning in the common laws of the Universe. Therefore whole mankind can be treated as one global family.

We are deeply convinced that unselfish help to each other makes our world better and results as changes in hearts of people, in local and global human relations, in culture, so and thus, bringing up establishment of world peace.Sailing ship of dreams


Our Principles:

  • Ownership attitude
  • I behave as responsible man in relations with my family, my community, my country. I act initiatively, operate actively and resolve problems efficiently.

  • Life for the sake of others
  • I realize the value and pleasure of service to my country citizens. I understand the importance of service in improvement of my community.Doing good deeds, small or big, I learn how to be optimistic and don't be afraid of life challenges.

  • Team work
  • I like to work together with other people, and I feel the value of teamwork with representatives of diverse groups of my community as we are realizating our common goals on development of our society and life space. Alltogether, we create atmosphere of joy and fun, spirit of friendship and cooperation.

  • Think globally, act locally
  • I think globally and act locally. I realize that my actions are part of the common world efforts which are aimed to unite different communities with each other, to break barriers between people and to establish world peace.

  • Education through service
  • I aspire to aquisition of new knowledge, skills, I build up my strong and mature character, I train my own leadership abilities and civil liability. It helps me to resist against circumstances and remain constant in my moral values.

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