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Saturday, 31 July 2010 13:02

Help for orphaned kids Children in orphanages more than someone else require love and care. Left without parental love, they constantly feel lack of attention. In spite of the fact that, in general, the state provides these children with most of all necessary things: food, toys, clothes, they require also help in development of personality that in future will help them to find their own place in our society: to get education, earn money and create family. For this purpose children should become all-sufficient, mature and independent persons. Elder brother or sister is so necessary in life!


As the statistics shows, it is very difficult for such children to adapt in our modern society and to take a worthy place. The majority of grown kids and teenagers, as a rule, choose easier way — criminal. Therefore many of them finally get in prisons, unfortunately.


As we know, character of person is pawned in the childhood, especially at its early stage. All events which are experienced by the person while the childhood, leave the print on all further life. Children who live without parents or whose parents behave in unsocial way are especially vulnerable. They feel unprotected and deprived. They have a great need of positive emotions that is basis of harmonious development of child. Education which would help children to become splendid, harmonious person is also necessary for them. Let's make the world brighter! It is clear that, usually, parents should give all this to children. But because of an existing problem of parents' irresponsibility, their negligent attitude, children cannot receive love in a sufficient measure. And even best teachers (if any) in orphanages are unable to replace their daddies and mums.

The project "Joy for children" is carried out with the purpose to help children in orphanages to grow in harmonious and mature way.

The purposes of the project include:

  1. Education in healthy style of life
  2. Development of intellectual and creative abilities
  3. Help in social adaptation


  1. Realization of educational programs
  2. Trainings in different areas of knowledge
  3. Conducting of quizzes, competitions, games, creative parties, puppet performances, etc.
  4. Organization of excursions (enterprises, museums, visiting cultural and historical objects)

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