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Seminars and trainings for youth PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 07 August 2010 00:14

Live once, learn always! — the popular proverb says. We try to implement this aphorism in our trainings, seminars and workshops for students and youth. We suggest them education in basic moral values, main life principles and volunteer attitude.

Each our project, each action is a valuable life experience which helps us to develope our own creativity, responsibility and internal nature. And give us power to resist the circumstances nd overcome any barrier in everyday life.

Our volunteers We learn that life for the sake of others is one of the basic necessities. So when we are capable to put needs of other people above our own, it makes a revolution in hearts which allows living full, happy and interesting life. Huh?

Our educational trainings demand from all participants to leave frameworks of past personal experience and to overcome existing internal restrictions. Not so easy but wrth doing, actually. That is to say: feel the taste of challenge!

As time goes by we start to understand that obstacles and barriers are mostly inside of us, not in out environment. Well, the reality is not always kind and sometimes even cruel.

When we become able to overcome obstacles within — everything becomes possible, sure!

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