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Summer and winter work camps for volunteers PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 07 August 2010 18:30

All togetherFirst two summer camps for volunteers "Altera" organized in the summer of 2002. More than 20 students attended them. Our volunteers participated in restoration of old local church in Novolukoml. Besides work, young people were involving in different sport activities, they were camping and participating in interesting trainings and role games.

Summer hiking in Belarus forests In February, 2003 a winter camp for the volunteers whose took part in New Year congratulations of handicapped children, was organized. The program of the camp included trainings on personal development, role games, sports and creative tasks.

All activities of "Altera" are directed on distribution of ideas of altruism, healthy life-style, responsibility, initiative behavior, acquaintance of team-work skills. Projects of our organization help young people to overcome their own restrictions — 'cause this is basis for personal growing — and to get important practical experience, not only intellectual knowledge. All of this helps youth to learn how to understand needs of other people and how to form own character.

The next winter camp took place in January-February, 2005. In a nutshell, it was terrific. We ate a lot of stuff, played billions of games, established lot of new contacts, and became friends!..

Attention! We plan the following volunteer work camp by winter-2006! Keep your eye on us! If you want to find out more — contact us (see "Contacts") or subscribe on our news list. And, surely, visit our site regularly!..

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