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Saturday, 23 January 2010 01:33

Our beloved volunteers. Those who are the corner stone of "Altera"...

WHO are they?

Volunteers and associates, youth and students

Who are these odd people who spend their personal time, efforts, days, hours and weeks as volunteers participating in those "strange charity projects"? Actually they are same as you; but they are just tired of awaiting while someone change this world and make it better. Our time is not only time for hopes, but also for actions!
Let's realize it and start doing — life is full of opportunities, we only need to keep our eye on the main stream!

WHY do they need it?

Surely, among answers of all our volunteers you couldn't find two identical. Everyone meets life challenges in his or her own way. The majority of us believe that life is too short to spend it aimlessly, only for pleasures and fun. It is natural for human — to live for the sake of others as well, eh?
Volunteering for NGO is one of the interesting life opportunities, expecially if you are young, brave and strong, crazy and dedicated, kind and heartfelt.

WHAT they are looking for in "Altera"?

Do not think that all the time we are just busy with our "Historical mission". C'mon! As well as other young people we eat, drink, sleep, having fun, study and solve our own problems, but except for that we find time to work for the society and our community.
In addition, our projects give youngsters adn teens an unique opportunity to discover different sides of life, various nations of the world, feel the united spirit of student fellowship around the Europe and Asia.

CAN I do the same?

You guy have brought up the very right question! And the right answer is — "yep, certainly"! The main trick is — do not be afraid. There always will be those who will help to manage a situation, how to cope with people, who will show you how to catch good luck by its tail :)
It's easy to be free, you know. More challenges we have — more we grow up. Thus don't wait and think, jump — and build wings on the way down!

ARE you kidding on me?

Surely not! Write to us, buzz or simply come to visit our office, shake our hands, so you can make your own opinion about everything. It's the only way to know all truth regarding volunteering.
Well, the Earth is not a garden and, besides, not all countries has really equal opportunities to grow up. So, let's join our small efforts and help each other! We are waiting for you!

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